Disabling Trello Alerts

I’ve been using Trello for a few months and I’ve come to love it. Something I haven’t loved however, as my number of projects grow however, is Trello’s notifications taking my attention.


When I see those notifications, I want to see what’s inside them. I follow an inbox 0 philosophy, and like to process my notifications in batches. It helps me stay focused to get things done.

I found 3 places that needed to be cleaned up to regain my sanity, and 1 more thing I needed to setup.  In summary I had to do these things:

  1. Disable the noficiation icon in Trello
  2. Disable the favicon changing in trello (that little red Dot)
  3. Disable the unread count on Trello’s title
  4. Enable email alerts for all notifications

Here’s how I did each of them

1. Disable notifications style in Trello (1st screenshot)

I installed Stylebot and added this rule to trello.com:

.header-notifications { display: none;}

2. Disable the favicon changing in Trello (that little red Dot in the 2nd screenshot)

I installed the I hate your favicon Chrome extension, and set https://trello.com/’s icon to https://trello.com/favicon.ico

3. Disable the unread count on Trello’s title (The number 10 in the 2nd screenshto)

I installed the TamperMonkey chrome extension and cobbled together a script to stop Trello from hijacking the title.

4. Enable email alerts for all notifications

Go into Trello and subscribe to what you want. I personally subscribe to all projects I’m managing at the project level.

This may seem extreme, but it helps me focus, I think it was worth the time, and I hope this blog helps others like me!

* Please excuse the pink Chrome theme.  I had to use Stephanie’s browser to get a screenshots as I had obliterated my browser notifications prior to blogging about this.
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www.2333rose.com archived

Recently visiting family in Southern California, Michael Held had the good idea of archiving the website showcasing the sale of grandma’s house before it inevitably goes down. We have photos of grandma around, but not so many specifically of the house. While the decor in the staged house will look quite foreign to those of us who knew it well, many aspects such as the tiles, hinges, rooms, etc have been nicely captured for us to remember.

I’ve copied it to http://2333rose.astige.com/ for those interested.

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A few friends and relatives through the years have suggested we visit Prague. Since we were so close, now was the time. We caught a train and were there in a few hours. On our first day in town we can immediately feel the medieval design throughout the city. We make our way to the astronomical clock, an interesting artifact which happens to physically demonstrate the various ways time can be thought of (like thinking of an hour as 1/12 of the current day’s daylight).

Subsequent explorations in the hills we truly admire the huge areas of architecture that have remained true to their medieval heritage as is beautifully laid across the cityscape. Their royal gardens provide a nice get away from the busier downtown. And of course the St. Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle provide majestic sights. It’s nice that so much has survived here through centuries from the various European wars.

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After Barcelona Steph and I were on our own, and started really thinking about budget. We have a while off work and I would love to be able to travel for an extended period (years), so we cut down extremely basically aiming to budget just above the US poverty line for two single individuals (or ~60% above the poverty line for a couple – tough to say what to go off of, we share rent but have to buy two tickets every time, etc). Well this obviously isn’t going to work in Western Europe on the somewhat strong Euro vs US dollar. We go on Google Flights, look for the cheapest flight we can find to Eastern Europe, and book our $48.04 (after taxes & fees) plane tickets to Budapest on WizzAir (the name and comically purple logo across the plane inspire much confidence!). Find a studio apartment on AirBnB at $127 for the week, and our budget is off to a great start~

Arriving in Eastern Europe (the first time for both of us) walking to our apartment feels a bit backwards and rundown. Their telephone poles are built with cement blocks and what looks like sewage lines run above ground. Parks with grass that look like it’s never been mowed. Crumbling (bombed in WWII?) litter the roadside. But hey Wikitravel says it’s safe with extremely low violent crime, so we’re not too worried. We get another penthouse apartment (5th floor, with no elevator), and though very sparse and smells of gas (which we later mitigated), are very happy to have a private place with our own bathroom & kitchen for so cheap (just try and get a functioning hotel in the more developed world for $18/night).

Heading out to explore the city Public transit is of course great again in Europe. Some of the trains are VERY old, but the system is reliable and affordable (a lot more than I can say for our BART). Downtown they do have nice structures though we encounter a lot of rain the first day. In subsequent days a closer look at the parliament buildings and we can better appreciate their appeal. Though we’re appreciating the city, it did still feel a bit depressing to us. Quite appropriately one of the attractions we visit is a huge publicly accessible graveyard in the middle of town. It has imposing sculptures and mausoleums (I tried to get Stephanie to go in one but she wasn’t having it).

A few days later we make our way to the royal district which is a lot more cheery and well constructed. We got to see some caves and (what was proposed to be) Dracula’s grave in a well done and spooky setup. The next day we go caving for real, which Stephanie was very excited about. I was a little claustrophobic, especially being the biggest guy in the whole group. At one point the guide gets me to squeeze through a small crevice where I’m forced to exhale to fit through. It ended up a great experience. On the way home we got to see some of Budapest’s iconic bridges lit up at night sitting on the water’s edge.

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Stephanie dropped Chuckie and me off at the hostel, while she went to return the car. Getting into the hostel I feel something familiar, and soon realize this is the same place my dad and I had stayed a few years back on our trip in Europe. Feels like home again, as happens going back to cities I’ve been in before, with a lot of things around town I remember.

As we’re settling into the hostel I get a text from Stephanie – she’s having trouble navigating, her cell phone is dying, and she’s concerned with finding her way back to the hostel. I scramble with Charles to coordinate and get directions best we can with Steph to meet on foot, and head out the door shortly. It all ends up okay, luckily Steph picked us out of the crowd as Charles and I approached the main transit center near where she was dropping of the car (otherwise inside that mess it could have been difficult to find each another).

We know Charles only had one full day here so I make sure to guide us to Gaudí’s cathedral La Sagrada Família so he can check it out. We’re basically staying on Las Ramblas so we walk through the well known walkway on the way there. Stephanie loves the architecture when we arrive at the cathedral, which I’ll describe as a split personality of Salvador Dali and Picasso meets sculpture.

Steph and I do the hostel jumping thing again walking across town to see more of it. We ended up staying in the business center for a few days. We went to Gaudí’s Park Güell which had a lot of his intriguing outdoor design & sculpture.

We booked a place by the airport, however had massive confusion when calling the people renting it. They didn’t speak much English, and my broken Spanish didn’t help too much either. After having them send someone to meet us, waiting maybe an hour, calling a few times, etc Stephanie stops a nice older couple on the street to help us. They talk to the other party on the phone, and through a game of charades and broken Spanish (they spoke zero English) we figure out the reservation was geolocated by Google incorrectly. This place was a 6 hour drive away in Malaga.

We scramble to find a new place, everything was pretty expensive over the weekend, so we did our first booking staying with a family on AirBnB. Pretty broken communication there but it was a very nice experience. The (again but different) older couple there was warm in greeting us and letting us into their home. We watched a tennis set with the guy of the house. It went on for ages as deuces were handed back and forth, unfortunately the Madrid (Rafael Nadal) didn’t win, but it was very engaging.

In walking around town especially as we neared the airport we noticed a pattern that Spain has the best (and perhaps most dangerous) child playground equipment we’ve seen! We got a chance to play on some of it when the children were gone and had a good time~

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We got yet another place on AirBnB. After some struggles with the water heater, it was a very nice place with 4 separate rooms (2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room – each with a door that closes and a hallway to connect them all). However, what’s up with European hoses having a bath tub with no shower curtains? In Valencia I mostly stayed in as I was feeling a bit sick and Stephanie & Charles didn’t mind kicking back for a bit. I’m happy I did make it out and see the town for a day with Charles. Pretty churches and a central square like many European towns.

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After the bull fights in Seville Bharath decided to head home and it was just Charles, Stephanie, and I. We needed to make it to Barcelona where Chuckie could catch his connecting flight back home. Since there were three of us, and it was a relatively shorter trip over land, we decided to rent a car. This was our first time driving internationally; luckily Stephanie had prepared and got her international drivers license earlier (Interestingly a very easy thing to do – we just went to AAA, they took a picture of her, and filled out a short piece of paper. Total cost of $15 USD. It looks like all it does is help translate her existing California driver’s license).

Since we had a car (vs trains/buses/etc) we decided to stay in a smaller town. We happened to find a place in Benalmádena (just south of Malaga), and upon arrival were greeted and shown around the building. It felt like a resort / condo’s, part retirement pad, perhaps a time-share. We had previously saw water slides in the property’s pictures online but were a bit disappointed that when we arrived they were closed until later in the year. However a huge pool was open and it was nice to go for a swim each day we were there. Walks on the beach were fun too. Stephanie collected sea shells and had me contribute. I think it was also all of our first time seeing girls so freely sunbathe, walk, and play topless on the beach (I have yet to get the pictures on Chuckie’s camera).

While in Benalmádena we (I) also decided to hike up to the top of a local mountain. After an unsure battle up the hill (I got a little sick towards the end), we unexpectedly got to see a live birds of prey show. At one point the trainer had a hawk fly to almost unvisible heights, and dive down to strike a carcass. At the end of the show everyone got to come up and see the younger birds, and the kids in the audience got to hand feed them (raw baby chicken scraps, yum~). I want to say thanks to Stephanie and Chuckie for hiking up there with me, I enjoy things more putting in the effort, and I know you may have wanted to take the cable car like all the rest of the tourists!

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We caught our flight, arrived in Seville, and got a taxi to get to a place we rented on AirBnB. It was a nice apartment with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, etc. A welcomed upgrade from the hotels & hostels we’d been staying in lately. We headed out that night and had our first of many delicious Tapas (thanks Bharath for driving this forward!). Over the next couple days we walked around Seville, saw a few things like the Alcázar of Seville (royal gardens and nice tile work on display) and Seville Cathedral. It was interesting seeing the Moorish influenced architecture.

On our last full day in Seville we decided to walk down and check out the bull fighting arena. We weren’t expecting any action, but it just so happened there was a fight later that day! We hesitantly decided to buy tickets to see the show. Stephanie bought a small folding sombrero like hat for the show (which turned out to be a great decision for her, it was extremely sunny and she’s used it a lot since). The matadors entered the ring, there was some ceremony, and the bull fights commenced. At the start it was entertaining enough but we weren’t fully into it. I wasn’t really troubled by it as some are, I just kinda had seen enough after the first couple bulls were slaughtered. However as the rounds went on we could feel more engaged with the action. The cockiness of the matador as he taunted the bull towards and around him.

It reminded me of my past playing video games online. Which may sound a little odd, but let me explain. I got really good at a couple of games online, and would go on, and pull all sorts of nonsense just to mess with the opponent. I won’t bother with the details here, but suffice to say I was quite the little asshole. As the matadors are to the bulls. Taunting them and playing with them. I could totally relate, and feel the testosterone and pride in being so far above another. I try to be a bit more humble now, as most of you know me. However when I play games it still comes out of me from time to time, and at least it gave me a better visceral understanding of this cultural experience.

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After wrapping up with my Mom, Stephanie and I needed to get to Europe. We were planning to meet our friends Charles & Bharath who would be coming in a week or two, aiming for Seville in Spain. It turned out the closest we could get to Spain on standby was Paris. We decided this trip we would pack light so we filtered our travel gear heavily getting down to a single rolling suitcase with attachable day pack. We left our car parked on the streets of Berkeley with all our extra stuff in it, and were on our way.

This was Stephanie’s first time to Paris and I was excited to show her around. Although she wasn’t super enthusiastic about the city as a whole, she did fall in love with the Eiffel Tower. The moment she caught her first glimpse, I wasn’t even completely sure what it was – it was sparkling. Of course we later learned it lights up nightly like that. She caught pictures of it from a distance for a while as we wandered around Paris, moving hotels every other night. A nice way to travel for us as we had light load and allowed us to walk around the whole city and see a lot of it. We did of course make our way to straight under the tower when one of our stays was closer by. We had a snack on the grass staying there for a few hours. I remember learning a bit then about how part of the structure’s meaning was to show off scientific triumph. And how it was impressively built in just over two years (from 1897-1889).

The guys arrived about a week later to stay in Paris for just a couple nights as our target with them was of course to get to Spain. As they adjusted for the jet lag we showed them around town a bit. I remember us walking with Chuckie to the military museum where we saw old uniforms through the centuries, and learned about how sports were used in the past as part of training for way. And showing Bharath to a few places as it was his first and perhaps only time there including Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, and some church we happened to walk by (beautiful as they always are).

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2013 was a year of growing up… We considered buying our first house (didn’t go through with it), Tony got a real office (in Downtown Berkeley) and we decided to start trying to have a baby!

In March we moved out of our place in Oakland and went on our first trip of the year to Mt. Rushmore.  We didn’t really know what to expect out of the trip, turns out we totally went on off season, but yay for the lack of tourists!  We stayed in Rapid City and rented a car, which was wonderful, as there weren’t too many things to do within walking distance.   We ended up going to a silly dinosaur park and Reptile gardens (which was pretty impressive).

We came home to move in with Grandma Nura, her health was going downhill and we didn’t have a place lined up to live, so we moved in.  We’ve lived with her a few times in the past, and it’s the first place Tony and I lived together (while in college), so it felt like home.  Unfortunately Grandma’s health deteriorated quickly and she passed away in June.  This is one of my favorites, from Mother’s Day of 2012.  We are both so thankful that we got to spend so much time with her.   She helped us in a million ways through our relationship, and we give her a lot of credit for our communication and happiness within ourselves.  She was a therapist, and boy did it show at times

Over the summer we decided we’d see how it feels to have a teenager, so we invited Jenna to stay with us for about 6 weeks.  She worked at Trader Joe’s so she wouldn’t be completely bored while I was working, and we took her to do everything we could think of.  We went rock climbing, to San Francisco, on a few hikes, and although Tony didn’t come to where this particular picture was taken, he was very excited for us to go see One Direction from the front row.

In September we went to Alaska, first to Anchorage for a few days, which was beautiful and filled with the nicest people.  We walked from the airport to our hotel, and were offered rides about 3 times.  We’re so glad we didn’t take the rides though, because we saw hydroplanes, a family of moose and then the weirdest mushrooms…

Instead of excursions on the cruise we went for hikes.  Hiking in Alaska was amazing. The weather was perfect.  We did go on one hike where we were somewhat afraid of bears…Luckily we didn’t run into any.  It was cool going on the hikes,we got to see locals and get more of a feel of the city than we normally would have by going window shopping or zip lining or something.

It was an amazing cruise, and very unlike our past ones.  This time we took Norwegian Cruise lines, and I think the average age on board was somewhere around 60.  Very low key, but beautiful.  The second night of the cruise it was storming terribly, hard rain and strong winds.  We got all 4 hot tubs to ourselves.  We did it again on night 4.  We got a couple looks from people (although very few people saw us at all, most people we nice and protected indoors.  Seas were pretty rough at times.  I ended up getting sea sick once. :-(  And while we were scooping out what to eat (on a separate day), all of a sudden the boat started to tip… Then tipped some more.
You could see the look of panic on the workers faces once plates started falling down from their stacks.  Tony and I held on to the closest column we could find.  Of course everything turned out fine, but the undertow was stronger than the captain expected.  It gave EVERYONE on board a good scare.

In October (or maybe September?)  the new Bay Bridge opened.   We tried to walk across it, but came a little too late.  We got to go a little ways, but it closes at sundown. Later in October we did our first Mud Run together (along with Chuckie).  I believe it took us about 1.5 hours.  It was much more harsh than I expected, but fun nonetheless!  Afterwards there was a lake to clean off in… And that we did.

In December we visited Ben in San Luis Obispo.  He’s lived there for awhile, so it was due time we visit.  It brought back a lot of memories of old times.  Back in 2001ish the three of us did everything together.

To end the year we went with Robert on a 3 peak hike through Mt. Diablo.  Climbed to three summits in one go: Mount Olympia (2946′), North Peak (3557′), and Mount Diablo (3849′). Descended the last 2000′ in darkness with only cellphone flashlights.

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